Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Sunny today after a couple of weeks of wind and rain and destructive storms. So out for a mid-morning ride. Conditions were good and I zoomed along. Had a fun moment when I, on the bike path, ringing my bell and weaving between elderly pedestrians, overtook a young couple, resplendent in their spandex (or is it lycra?) and peddling their expensive racing bikes along the road beside me.

They took one look at my K-Mart bike and I heard the boy whisper something to the girl. Soon, on an uphill section, they zoomed past me, just before I veered off into the back streets to take a short-cut through the nature reserve around the rive that I usually favour.

I started riding hard, much harder than usual, to beat them to the spot where our routes would converge. And I prevailed, arriving a good half-minute before them (the shortcut saves at least a few hundred metres of distance) where I dismounted to take a swig of my drink bottle and leiusirely finger my phone before nodding as they rode past with stunned expressions which turned to laughter in their wake.