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Big morning bike ride. Did 16km in 40m, which is an average speed of 24kmh. These are nice numbers that work well with base-60. And just the right level to get elevated cardiovascular function without getting tired out, or having the legs burn. Very pleasant out there.

I ride in three stages. The first 15 minutes takes me past Heathcote, about as far as Applecross Tennis Club. That’s bang-on 6km. After a brief rest, I then ride for 20 minutes back towards home on the other side of the river, ending up to Yagan Park on Leach Highway. That’s bang-on 8km. After another short rest, I do 2km through the back streets to get back home in about 5 minutes. Love how the numbers work out so nicely.

I also have landmarks at 5 minute intevals along the way:

I try to do that mid-morning 3-days per week.