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Right. I’m slack.

Second week of school holidays. We’ve been keeping busy. Had a great hike around Lesmurdie Falls last week, which culminated with a splendid lunch at Core Cider. Visited Wil’s family for dinner, Brewski over last night for some VR action, watched Yesterday on Monday with Dzungy, visits to the dog park with Bailey, caught up with Petr at Palace Arcade, where I became a gold member, lots of reading, not so much exercise.

Limited myself to 6 drinks per week, which was hard, so reneged and made it 9 instead, which is also proving hard. Nine is around 14 “standard drinks” which is pretty much the definition of a moderate drinker, so not all that bad. Will keep counting, which is the main thing.

No progress on hobby projects, but have been working very hard on RailRoad, which is my home-spun omakase web framework, using Sequel and Roda and a bunch of other stuff. It’s exciting and good.

Will try to keep updating this thing. For sure, this time.