Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Was well-rested yesterday, so spent some time after dinner dusting off HackTile. Got distracted by Refrax somehow. Built it to get the same blank screen error that I’d been getting with HackTile; some incompatibility after upgrading OSX to Mojave. Down a garden path of getting to to build with Emscripten so I could publish a web version. Finally got a clean build only to find that the web version doesn’t run. Not in the mood for debugging it. So moved on to HackTile, which works after updating the XCode command-line tools and upgrading to the latest version of SDL2. Keen to get back into it, but should wrap up Sesame first. Need to finish projects. Always go back to my half-finished work to be impressed with the potential, which sucks. Could have finished HackTile in the time it’s been on ice!

Spent the remainder of the evening readling the new Neal Stephenson: Fall, or Dodge in Hell. And watched a few episodes of Season 3 of Handmaid’s Tale. Late to bed, which meant I awoke tired and unmotivated. Must get better sleep!

Tom Yum hotpot for lunch at Van’s, and took Bailey for a walk at the dog park. Plan to have an early night after a simple supper of seafood chowder and garlic bread. Not looking forward to a stormy Monday and going back to work.