Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Into the office and then off to a team lunch at an Italian restaurant. Fun talking about weird Australian things, and confused everyone by eating my salad last. But, hey, it’s what they do in France! Meetings in the afternoon, and got some work done. Cool that the We Work offices have free beer on tap; didn’t try any of it though as everyone had left by the time Mark picked me up. Was running a script on my laptop so strapped it in to the back seat of the Tesla on the drive home so it could continue. Mark’s sister and dad were over for a Hanuka dinner; fun chatting with them while drinking an old fashioned in Mark’s bar. His dad worked on the MOL project (manned orbital laboratory) as a programmer, which gave birth to SkyLab. Fun telling them about it crash landing near Perth. Walked into Laguna Beach for a nice dinner; the five of us squeezed around a table for three. Food and wine were good, and we had gelato at a small place around the corner afterwards. Home to open presents (socks) and more chatting before calling it a night.