Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Long flight to the US. Teary farewell with the kids at Perth airport. Lots of waiting around in Perth, and then in Sydney. Lucky to get an empty seat next to me on the flight to LAX. Had bought a neck pillow, managed to get some sleep. Took ages to get through immigration, then car ride to Mark’s place in Laguna Beach. Afternoon in office; rode in Mark’s Tesla (Marci, his wife, has an identical one). Impossible burger for lunch. Met the team, then home to a pre-prepared chef meal for dinner. Rained all day, but beautiful clear day the following morning. Stayed awake until 9pm and then slept until 8:20am. Was the first day of Hanuka, so gave Mark, Marci and their kids the presents I bought over. Fixed a production issue while drinking coffee in Mark’s kitchen. Going in to the office at 11am.