Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Great day at work; finished a sprint and shipped to production. Process going well, lots to do. Jack’s school sports carnival (Finlay too) so, although Dzung and I very busy at work, we dashed in to the school three times to watch events. He went well, and ended up winning a gift voucher for the best decorated cake box.

Dzung took Jack to swimming after school. Eliza had a viola audition for next term, but she wants to stay in string orchestra anyway. Mix up picking up Eliza and Zophia; I forgot I’d told Eliza I would pick her up from the school. Dzung waited for her in the park. Neither was happy with me.

Dzung took Jack swimming. I made chicken macaroni soup, including a big new batch of garlic oil. Absolutely delicious. Ended the night curating podcasts and making up stories for Jack.