Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Great day at work. Everything came together. Deployment issues from yesterday were fixed by our provider, sprint planning meeting went well, fixed a few issues and released to production.

Had a fright driving the kids home from school; saw a hideous creature in a car stopped at the traffic lights. Looked like something from The Dark Crystal, with its misshapen head bobbing around independently of its body, and no nose, mouth or ears to be seen; just a blank face. Turned out it was a bald guy with his sunglasses on his head looking down at his phone in his lap.

Dzung out, so made tuna mornay for me and the kids. Quite delicious. Jack and Eliza busy decorating the cake box for tomorrow’s sports carnival, and baking cookie-and-cream cupcakes from a packet mix. Did it all themselves, even the cleaning up.