Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Kids very tired and cranky. Still eating breakfast when Zophia arrived to be taken to school. Jack was late to choir practice. Busy, productive day at work. Prepared bo luc lac while Dzung took the kids to piano after school. Then to Jack’s open night for an hour. Nice seeing his work, but really want him to make some improvements; some of his other classmate’s are writing really great stories (Josh, Emma, Brooke) but he’s just doing the minimum, although his scary story had a great line: “Goosbumps marched up his arm like ants scurring home”. Feels like he stole that from somewhere, it’s that good. Jack got a bit upset that we weren’t playing with a robot with him; we wanted to look at his work. Blame lack of sleep. Home to shaking beef, then got the kids to bed. Ended the night with Better Call Saul.