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It’s now been a month since I last did anything with HackTile. Well, 28 days at least. That’s bad; I’ve fallen off the wagon completely. Time to get back on.

Up early. Beautiful day; spring has sprung early. Walked Jack to school, then worked for a while before going to donate platelets. Worked through the afternoon, and picked up the kids from school. Eliza had elected to skip her usual Monday Quiz Club to avoid being near her friends, but later messaged me to say she’d go after all, and then called on Zophia’s phone to say it had been cancelled. I was at the IGA with Jack; we ended up going to the high school early to get the girls. Nice to see Eliza has made up with them.

We cooked dinner together. Jack had fun skateboarding out on the driveway and playing with the neighbourhood kids. Strawberries and yoghurt for dessert while watching “The War on Waste”. Worked more once the kids were in bed, then cleaned up the kitchen, and crashed on the sofa with Dzung before bed.

Now, what was this about HackTile?