Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Took Eliza in to school early for her athletics carnival, then dropped Jack in. Slow but productive day at work. Did three reps of the workout. West Wing at lunch. Picked up Jack and got annoyed with him always answering back and not doing his homework and piano after school. So frustrated I slammed the door to the office, which gave him a fright. It all ended in tears. I apologised and let him know I don’t have to work after getting him from school, and that I can sit with him and help. This eventually cheered him up. Finished homework and played piano together, then did some tidying and started making dinner (afyer picking up Eliza). Kids had baths, Eliza finished off dinner and we ate, then watched a few YouTube videos and played Kirby Star Allies. Kids to bed, then Dzung home from her night out with the girls to celebrate her birthday.