Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Bank issue resolved. Problem was on the US side. Strange that they would stuff up a recurring transfer, but what can you do? Kids home sick, and mum and dad cancelled their sleepover tonight (don’t want them to catch it). So I decided not to join Dzung to see Julius Caesar tonight. Hard to work with the kids at home, so I focused just on bugs. Got really annoyed with the crappy tech I’m using. Why am I spending my life doing this? Cathartic to read back through old books to remind myself where I’ve come from and how things might be different. Seriously thinking about striking out on my own, but income would be an issue (evidenced by my pay being delayed; we really need the money).

Ate olives and drank a beer in the late afternoon. First drink since Faith and Yoshiya’s house on Sunday. Abstinence isn’t much of a challenge, it turns out. Surprising, since I’ve been in a bit of a slump, but Dzung and I have teamed up to keep each other honest. Played around with HackTile a bit. It’s pretty good.

Made pasta for the kids with the leftover sauce from the osso bucco, and watched “The Girl Who Leaped Through Time”.