Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Jack home sick. Eliza made slow cooked osso bucco for dinner, prepared and in oven at brekky. Drove Eliza and Zophia to school, then took the car in for a service. Walked home via Garbo, somehow managing not to get rained on. Took an hour. Listened to an episode of The West Wing Weekly on the way. Home to work, but Eliza’s school called to say she’s sick! Dzung out for birthday lunch with Mary and April, they luckily went to get Eliza and ran her home. Curry for lunch while looking after two sick kids. Checked bank, realized I haven’t been paid. Nothing going well today! Caught a Shofer to pick up the car, then home for dinner. Need to get my mojo back… haven’t worked on HackTile for weeks!