Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Very tired. Got the kids to school, then drove to take the car for a service (and to have the recalled airbag replaced), but they lost the booking, so rescheduled for Thursday instead. Pity, I had looked forward to the long walk home; I need time to think about work and projects and life and stuff. So, once home, I packed my bag and headed out the door, rambling down through the streets towards Bullcreek, which I followed around to the other side of the river, walking slowly, deep in thought, wending back up First Avenue towards Eliza’s school, then back home via the traffic bridge. Covered over seven kilometres in ninety minutes. Feet very sore. Quick shower, then eggs and toast and strong coffee while watching The West Wing.

Worked through the afternoon, then picked up Jack. A girl asked me for money for food as I walked past the chemist. She looked zonked out, and was possibly homeless. I literally was carrying nothing, so I apologised. As I walked away, and older guy (who turned out to be her father) started yelling abuse at me. I stopped and turned towards him, and he stormed towards me, saying I insulted his daughter and did I want to fight and screaming to me to fuck off. I was dumbfounded, standing on the pavement between the butcher’s and the cafe, and tried reasoning with him. No point. He walked away, and I noticed that all of the shopkeepers had come to their doors with looks of concern on their faces. A lady on a bicycle asked me what had happened, and suggested that I should call the council’s security team. She said she’d give me the number. We were both on our phones when the guy started screaming and coming towards us, asking whether we were calling the police. He was extremely angry. The bicycle lady had told me earlier not to bother trying to reason with “them”, but I was feeling very sorry for their plight, and although the guy was being very aggressive and loud I realised that I didn’t feel afraid for my safety. Again, I calmly explained that I was on my way to pick up my son from school, and that lots of young kids would soon be walking home along this path, and he seemed to accept that I was being genuine. He then held out his hand and apologised, saying I was a good bloke. We shook hands and went our seperate ways.

Later, walking back with Jack, the police arrived. One of the shopkeepers had called them, no doubt. But, by that time, daddy and daughter had disappeared.

Picked up Eliza, then home for a rest. We all had a late night last night, and we all had short fuses. I got annoyed when Jack wouldn’t do as I asked, and Eliza didn’t answer straight away when I called her, to the point where both kids were crying in frustration. Bad mojo. But we started to cook dinner together, and Dzung arrived home, and we ate and everything was well again. Kids had an early night, I read to Eliza. And will now retire myself; too worn out to consider HackTile, or to do anything else, but I am keen to finally get back on the wagon and continue this project; the walk decided that for me.