Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Dzung took Jack to North Shore, and Eliza to tennis. I got the washing on, then Brendan and Finlay over for a cuppa with some banana bread they’d made. Chatted for a while—Fin is doing great at footy and Brendan is working with The Wall Street Journal—then they took the old TV and DVR. Quick shower and Dzung back home to pick me up to go to Van and Kiet’s for oxtail soup. Lingered after lunch chatting while the kids played. Home via Mt. Lawley to pick up a box from Get Chunky to take to dinner.

Brief rest to hang out the washing and pack for the walk over to Faith and Yoshiya’s house. With ten minutes to leave, I called the kids to get ready, only to find Eliza and Jack had started to tidy up Jack’s room, meaning they’d taken all the junk from all drawers and surfaces and piled them on his bed. I barked at them to hop in the shower and hurriedly tidied things, then got ready myself. We left a little bit late. Great evening; Yoshiya made about eight courses of Tapas, which we ate with beer and sherry, then chatted while sipping whisky afterwards, leaving the kids to play. Walked home about nine thirty or so, and tried to get the kids straight to bed with varying levels of success. Dzung crashed out; I stayed up in a half-drunken stupor and watched a few interesting shows before finally calling it a night at half twelve.