Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Blindsided. Spent yesterday scoping out urgent work that needed to be finished for the customer by Sunday, ready to work on it today and tomorrow. But had another very long meeting today to cancel that, and return to previous work, which I’d put on hold, to modify requirements that were written months ago, which requires existing implementation to be changed. And this piece of work is now super-urgent. This wiped me out; the lack of sleep overnight didn’t help. Spent the day in a daze, thinking about life and career and the things I want to be working on. Just fixed bugs and did some work that was blocking a few things, but otherwise dropped out mentally.

Lack of sleep because it was super windy overnight. Hail at 2am. Worried about the bins on the kerbside. Kept getting out of bed to check on them. At 6am I went outside in the dark to find the lid of one of the bins was open, and the bag that was on top had disappeared! It was full of foam that had been used to pack the desk that Dzung bought a while ago, which I’m gradually disposing of, so it would have been very light. Walked up and down the street but couldn’t see it anywhere. Terrible way to start the day.

Spent the evening in a depressed funk. Watched the last of Handmaid’s Tale, which didn’t help. Need to start on a skunkworks project to show my boss how we could be doing things differently, and need to get back to HackTile!