Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Walked Jack to school early for school banking. He showed me a map that he had drawn with Eli and Josh for their Geology Club. It was a quite detailed map of the school playground with measurements and everything, along with a description of the digging conditions in the sand pit. Funny!


Returned the stools, then a work meeting and semi-busy day. Mark talking about the new directory product again; got the creative juices flowing. Did three repeats of the seven-minute workout. Watched Handmaid’s Tale at lunch. Walked Jack home from school, then to the shops to stock up on some Japanese items. Bought small eggplants to have another attempt at grilled eggplant for tomorrow night. After shopping we picked up Eliza from quiz club.

Home to help Eliza cook the oven backed panko-and-parmesan crusted fish and potato wedges. Turned out great, and enough food for us all to have seconds, and save enough for lunch for all of us tomorrow. Value! Put the kids to bed, then watched an episode of The West Wing. Nada HackTile.