Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Up early to help Jack finish his North Shore homework, which we neglected yesterday. Then Dzung took him in, and Eliza went to tennis. I did some housework, then breakfasted while reading, and took delivery of the “You Plate It” box for the coming week. Then some gardening out the back. Off to Van and Kiet’s for lunch of vietnamese pancakes. Would have been perfect with a beer, but still doing dry July.

Home in the afternoon to help Eliza clean up her room. Then read some more in the sunshine before playing a bit of Elite Dangerous, as the VR was still set up. Made dinner for the kids (leftovers of potato and leek soup, shepherd’s pie and steamed brocolli with vinegar rice) before playing a round of “Takenoko” before bed. Read to Eliza, then watched “The Lobster” with Dzung.