Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


No HackTile. Kids to karate with Dzung. I read “Kavalier and Clay” for a while, after finishing chores, and then got to work unblocking the drain in my bathroom. That worked, so checked other drains, and Jack’s needed some love too. Worked on that, but accidentally pressed down the plug so it couldn’t be removed. Ended up working for an hour, had to take everything apart and reassemble, then repeat when my first attempt leaked. Next time I’ll call a guy.

Out in the afternoon shopping for stools. Found a couple we like; Hudson’s mum was the salesperson and let us bring them home to try out. They’re not high enough. Cooked dinner with Dzung; pork ribs, beans, coleslaw. Then played some VR together before putting the kids to bed. Ended the night watching “John Wick 2” with Dzung, an abysmal film.