Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Dzung took the kids to Scitech to spend some time with their cousins. I worked scoping out the new payments feature for my day job. Enough work to keep me busy for the next fortnight, working towards an end-of-the-month deadline.

Eva and Finlay arrived for a sleepover in the late afternoon. Made lamb cutlets, pasta and salad. Civilised dinner around the dining table while telling jokes, then watched “Early Man” with popcorn. I cleaned up and made the beds while the girls played Letter Tycoon. Eva will be sleeping in my office, so I’m working upstairs for a change. Boys asleep.

Have been thinking about life in general. Want to improve my level of fitness, lose some weight, contribute more to society (I scheduled myself to donate blood again, triggered by Callan’s platelets scare), build stuff of value (an old trope of mine, but relevant now that I’m almost finished reading the excellent “Bullshit Jobs” book… working for a salary should only be the journeyman stage between apprentice and master), improve my diet (will restrict myself to three drinks per week once dry July is up) and so on. Lots of life stuff swirling around in my mind today.

HackTile-wise, I’ve decided to focus on serialisation and forget about generating default sprites, which is just a timewaste. Once serialisation is working I’ll be able to load sprites, so the default set could be designed by hand. Will do some work on that tonight, but it will take a bit of time to finish. Once it’s done animation will be unblocked. Happy days.