Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Beautiful day. Took kids to the carwash for breakfast. Getting the car properly cleaned is always cathartic. Tidied up the garden too, and got the kids to finish tidying the house after all the housework I did yesterday. Finished a few big tasks at work, and had a long chat with Will that turned out well. Need to spend the rest of my week on design work, to scope out tasks for the next two weeks, but that seems doable. Will take the kids swimming, and then make lasagna and salad for dinner. And, I promise, will do some HackTile too.

Map Editor

And so I did! Happy to break the hoodoo. Just some simple work on the map editor; fixing a bug with entity zero not working because of some assumptions made in the rules of Conway’s life, and implemented a preview when drawing entities in the map, to be consistent with how sprite drawing works.

Great to be back on the bandwagon. Need to focus now on getting sprite animations working correctly, and then it will be on to serialisation followed by the rules editor. To put meat on the bones, so to speak.