Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Took the kids to Garden City in the morning to get some hotdog buns, then back home to work. Eliza had some friends over for the day; Cindy and Zophia and Cindy’s little sister. They baked cakes and ate hotdogs for lunch. They had a great time together, and were inclusive of Jack. No fighting or breaking anything; they were all well behaved and cleaned up after themselves. Proud of them all! I managed to work a full, busy day.

Picked up Dzung from the station and drove to visit Daz to celebrate his 44th. Sat outside by the fire. Jack had a ball playing table tennis, and Eliza sat happily with Archie on the sofa near the fire. Chicken and pizza and sausage rolls for dinner, then chocolate cake and tea. Caught up with Cam’s dad, and Dad told us about a game he played with his grandfather as a kid, where you throw a ring tied to a string towards a hook in the wall. Searched for it on the phone; turns out it’s an old pub game called “ring the bull” or something. Will try to set it up for Christmas.

Home late and put the kids to bed. Tired, and no desire to start work on HackTile. I did spend a bit of time today going through what I plan to do next, and running it to test a few things, so there’s that at least.