Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Kids slept in until eight thirty. Breakfasted, then packed up and cleaned up, and visited our friends to say goodbye. Kids wrote in the guestbook, after discovering their guestbook entry from 2016 the other day. Left a bit later than planned, and I was a bit stressed out, as I’d arranged to have the TV delivered at one o’clock and I was clearly not going to make it. Needn’t have worried though, after arriving home and putting everything away the delivery driver called to say he was coming around. Perfect timing, really. Spent the afternoon catching up on work and setting up the TV. Dzung took the kids shopping and to the library, so Jack could get some more books for his reading challenge. Will have can chua for dinner, and will then most likely watch a movie on our new sixty-five inch idiot box.