Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Slept great. Strong coffee and raisin toast for breakfast. Headed into Bridgetown for lunch. Whole place has been decorated with ornaments woven from white wool to make it look like a winter wonderland for Christmas in July. And amazed to find the puzzletown exhibition, featuring countless jigsaw puzzles, including the smallest and largest in the world. Fantastic lunch at the Barking Cow cafe. Had planned to go bushwalking but the weather set in so we grabbed groceries and filled up with petrol before driving back to the chalet to light the fire. Dzung and the kids made a start on the jigsaw puzzle they bought while I read, then over to Nagis and Ali’s for a dinner of fish, wild rice, veges and salad. Kids did a hilarious magic show performance. Walked home in the cold dark night to a guttering fire that I resurrected before ending the evening in the hot tub. Electric blankets set to max. Love relaxing and spending time away from screens, would love to live like this and work on HackTile when inclined, with lots of bushwalking to think.