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Finlay’s seventh birthday. Kids at mum and dad’s, so Dzung and I were mooching around in our PJs when Eliza’s English teacher arrived to deliver the book she needs to read for the holidays. Embarrassed! Off to Imperial Court for Dim Sum. They had a large function there, but we were lucky to get a table for thirteen in the back room without waiting too long. Lazy afternoon at home, ended up playing Zelda:BotW with Jack for an hour or so after a simple Sunday dinner of leftover soup and toasted cheesey bread.

Lots of work on HackTile. Entity editor layout updated, and sprite selection working properly to allow editing of any sprite, with a keyboard command to show and hide the editor, and the ability to select any entity for editing and for drawing into the map. Need to sort out camera controls next, so I can pimp out the map editor a bit more, and will also need to address animations.

Unfortunately I’ve had a re-think about how to assign sprites to entities, so I’ll need to re-do my default sprites and a bunch of code. This happened because I think movement animations will need to be three frames. So it’ll be:

This still leaves me with the 16 reserved sprites I need for UI things.