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Well, not in a rut after all. Early morning meeting at work, then needed to work on getting the builds of all apps in order. While waiting for the builds to finish, I read my new C book and finished the refactoring work, and then mocked out the layout for the entity viewer and sprite editor.

Mock UI

The idea is that the red bar on the right will contain controls for selecting one of 32 entities, and for showing dialog boxes for editing various aspects of the simulation. The blue dialog on the left will show up to eight animations for the currently selected entity; idle, four directional animations, spawn and unspawn, and a special emote animation. The green dialog on the right will allow the currently selected animation to be edited. Each animation has up to three frames, each consisting of a 16x16 bitmap.

That’s the idea, anyway. We’ll see how it pans out.

This morning Dzung and I went to the school, in the drizzling rain, to watch Jack run cross-country. About half the boys try their hardest. Jack gets distracted, and decides to walk and muck around with his friends. Frustrating!

Tonight Eliza and I made lamb, pea and mint pasta. It was nice and filling, and tasty too, but not as good as the other dishes we’ve made. Watched some MasterChef after dinner, then read “Magician’s Gambit” to Eliza. She had a bit of a tummy upset. Then a bit more work before cleaning up while listening to The West Wing Weekly before heading to bed.