Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Up early. Made breakfast and lunch for the kids. Beautiful morning, so walked Jack in once Dzung was back from dropping off Eliza. Regular day at work. Took a break mid-morning to ride two laps around the river and soak in the nice weather. Reheated some soup for lunch, Dzung and I read our books outside in the sunshine. Then walked in to school to get Jack, picking up a few groceries on the way home. He got his report today; Bs in Maths and Japanese, but Cs for everything else. We’ll need to work on improving those grades!

Picked up Eliza after quiz club. She complained of a headache. Kids good, Jack did some homework and some reading. He tries hard. Eliza did hers. I managed to squeeze in some HackTile work; got a PanelManager implemented, with a few placeholder panels rendering where the editor UI will be. Should be able to flesh them out over the next few days.

Made grilled pork steaks with roasted sweet potatoes in a lemon butter sauce, garnished with parsely and red onion for dinner. Eliza helped. Delicious! Put both kids to bed, reading to them both (I downloaded an illegal PDF of Magician’s Gambit, since they pulled it from the Kindle store). Dzung cleaned up, so with nothing left to do I’m having an early night reading in bed. I’m enjoying this cruisy approach to hobby projects, chipping a little off each day rather than burning the candle at both ends.