Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Up early to buy brioche burger buns from Garden City before they sell out. Then back to get the kids breakfast and take them to karate. Dzung took Eliza to buy a viola while Jack had his lesson. Home via garbo again, this time to pick up lunch for the kids and to get premium hamburger meat. Kids got dressed and we went in to Supanova. Finlay had the time of his life!


Dropped Fin at mum and dad’s in the late afternoon. Stayed for a cuppa and a some rocky road. Then in to Hayashi for a wonderful dinner (superior beef, vegetable tempura, sous vide salmon, clam miso soup, rice, beer, lotus chips). Back home to make lamb and barley soup for tomorrow, using leftovers from last week’s roast. Finished reading Queen of Sorcery to Eliza, and miffed to find that the series has been pulled from the Kindle Store. Wrote an email to PRH UK to ask for an explanation.

Did a little bit of HackTile work; added an overlay renderer and used it to add a transparent background to debug displays. Need to soldier on and get this UI built out over the next week!