Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Another busy day at work. Lots of HackTile design, but no programming. Plan to introduce two states; a game state and an editor state, and toggle quickly between them. The editor will have a fixed layout, with the entity and rules editors implemented as pop-up dialogues. That gives me something to start with; refactoring to support multiple states will take a bit of work, and the editor layout can then be implemented with placeholder content, and I can then start fleshing out just the entity editor. Should work fine. Still need to stew on it for another day or two before I roll up my sleeves and start implementation.

Dzung made leftover curry for dinner, I cooked some lamb cutlets to pad it out. She’s feeling sick, and there’s still a bit of meh-ness around. Forgot to put the bins out last night; another symptom of our general malaise at the moment. I’m going to watch an episode of The West Wing and call it a night.