Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Bit of a meh kind of day. Eli came over early, as his mum and dad both needed to be in the office early. He and Jack are obsessed with minerals. They examined Jack’s rock collection enthusiastically, and were fascinated when I set up the digital microscope for them to use. After school, Jack made “Brentwood Geologist” membership cards for himself, Eli and Josh, which I helped him print and laminate. Great to see them obsessing over something!

Watched the lap-a-thon in the afternoon, which Dzung volunteered at. Made bolognaise for dinner. Sat on the sofa and watched three episodes of Seinfeld after dinner. Don’t know why, it was just part of the overall meh-ness of the day. I think it started when I woke up bright and early for this morning’s team meeting and nobody showed up. Also the comedown after the intense work setting up new customers.

Did some HackTile work; got alpha blending working for sprites. Really has a big performance hit; barely hitting 100fps when maxing things out now. But it’s necessary, as I want to have multiple layers. Spent some time thinking about the sprite editor, sketching out some UI designs based on SEUCK. I think I need to stew on this for a few days before coding anything up. I want to keep the editor simple, so making it opinionated is key. One way of doing this is to impose tight constraints on flexibility; limiting the exact number of entities and how they can be used, for example.