Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Grey Monday morning. Jack complaining of a sore tummy. Slow day at work struggling with Android builds and getting new apps set up on TestFlight. Picked up the kids and Jack made MaPu ToFu for dinner. Eliza got hit in the head with a basketball at school but took it stoicly. Later she cried when I read her the final chapters of The Queen of Sorcery.

Reimplemented the debug font for HackTile, using a caching library. Debug rendering now incredibly quick, exceeding 300fps when vsync is disabled, event when maxing out the engine. And implemented the beginnings of the sprite manager, to the point where drawing squares of flat colour has been replaced with blitting images from a sprite sheet. Still lots of more work to do there, and I feel that the next step will be implementing a basic sprite editor.

Watched an episode of The West Wing at lunch. Plan to watch another before bed, as Dzung is working and I’m not ready to hit the hay.