Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Gorgeous day. Set up the daybed again. Dzung took the kids to school while I got to work, coffee in hand. Busy setting up some new organizations. Break for a late morning bike ride around the river in the glorious weather, then lunched on oxtail soup outside in the sunshine.

Eliza cooked beef cheesburger sliders with sweet potato fries and aoli for dinner. Was very tasty! She did a good job peeling five sweet potatoes, then chopping them up with the sharp Japanese knife.

Bit of work on HackTile after dinner. Multiple game controllers working to control multiple cameras, switch palettes, adjust update rate and so on. This thing is starting to take shape!

Multiple Controllers

Next thing will be to replace flat colours with animating sprites. That’ll probably take me a while. Once that’s done some refactoring and optimisation will be called for (especially for the debug font, which badly impacts the frame rate, as can be seen in the screenshot).