Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Dzung dropped Eliza in to school, I took Jack in a bit early for school banking. Got a bit of HackTile work done first thing; laid the foundations for a debug manager and improved the multiple camera system, converting it from floating-point to integer arithmetic. Very happy with performance.

My modded UPB-X800 arrived, so I set it up during my lunch break and confirmed that my US BluRay discs worked (they did). Now all I need is a great TV!

Busy at work. Finished the current sprint, deployed to production and started planning the next round of work.

Picked up Jack and took him shopping, then got Eliza. Homework and piano practise, and then Eliza cooked dinner: lupin-crusted salmon fillets on a bed of miso and mirin sweet potato smash with mustard greens fried in garlic and ginger. Took over an hour to prepare, and that was with my assistance chopping and cleaning and so forth, but she had so much fun and was deservedly proud of the results.