Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Rainy day, so Eliza’s tennis lesson was cancelled. I made pancakes and we had a long, lazy breakfast instead. Then picked up Lilian from tutoring and dropped her and Jack over at Van and Kiet’s. On the way she told me about her desire to buy a bass guitar, and her mum’s long list of conditions (including teaching Joshua violin, doing her homework downstairs, doing her chores, eating Chinese food without complaining and so on).

Received a food delivery from “You Plate It” which Eliza will be cooking for our dinner tomorrow, and on Thursday. Included a ridiculous amount of fruit.

Dzung, Eliza and I went to the St. Petersberg Ballet production of Swan Lake, with principal performers from the Bolshoi Ballet. Amazing show. Afterwards we stayed in the city for drinks and snacks, then returned to Van’s for dinner. Amazed to see Lilian with a bass guitar! She’d actually gone and bought it while we were at the ballet.

Van cooked oxtail soup for the first time with excellent results. Van and Kim had gone to see the Dockers. Had a chat with Kim; she’s doing really well, and has just received her registration as a professional architect. Played with Joshua and had dessert, then home for the bedtime routine. Too tired for any further work on HackTile this weekend. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.