Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Dzung’s course was cancelled, so she took the kids to karate. I took the opportunity to do some HackTile work. Began by implementing multiple cameras, making sure to handle different aspect ratios, and to remove hardwiring of the texture size for rendering the game. Working well!

Multiple Cameras

Next I introduced entity states for spawning and unspawning, and rendered these with a different colour. This requires the engine updates to synchronise with entity creation and deletion, so I introduced a new opcode allowing the engine to synchronise entities each time it updates. Also worked rather well!

Entity States

The next step will be to update controls to allow the cameras to be manipulated, and to implement a nice debug manager to allow different parts of the engine to display debugging information on-screen, such as camera location, entity counts and frame rate.

Dzung making shaking beef for dinner. I also managed some time with The West Wing Weekly and Breath of the Wild; in the latter I’ve been running through as many shrines as possible, now that I’ve switched my playstyle from open-ended exploration to completing the main quests. Crazy I know (the game’s been out for well over a year), but I’m in no rush.