Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Busy all day at work. Rushed out in the morning to buy a birthday present for Eli; Pokemon pack reduced from $80 to $30. Girl at the games store thought I was there for Magic cards (there’s just been a new release).

Heads-down all day working. Quick break at lunch for meatball pasta and wine with The West Wing, then back to the grind. No time for HackTile—picked up Jack from Eli’s party (Eliza and I met Dzung walking home from the train station on the way), then back to a warm house to recover with a cognac and order Thai delivery for dinner, which was delicious with a beer. Then snuggled on the floor under a blanket with the kids to watch Black Panther. Made popcorn. After the kids had been put to bed Dzung and I had a cuppa and played Letter Tycoon. She won on points. Ended the night reading in bed. A real family Friday.