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Kranzky's Dairy


Long, productive day at work, finishing the last of the work before the end of the current sprint, and culminating in a late conference call to New York. So no HackTile, apart from a few ideas about how to improve the camera system to deal with multiple cameras and arbitrary aspect ratios.

Made “bashy pork”, aka Japanese port katsu curry, for dinner. Proud to learn that Eliza is in the top 50 maths students, of around 350 in total. She’s really made a great start to high school.

Gardeners came today, and I returned a misdelivered package of cat food to our next-door neighbours. Amazing what you can buy online these days. Dzung out with April and Mary for lunch; I had onion soup and cheese on toast while watching The West Wing. Zelda book was delivered, which Jack loved. He wet his pants during class assembly rehearsal today; first time in ages.

Ended the day watching the second half of “Game Night” which Dzung and I started last night.