Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Dzung off to the HBF Fun Run, I took the kids to a karate make-up class. Got the times wrong, so Jack joined Eliza’s lesson. They trained pretty hard today, the instructor wanted them to break through the wall where the mind wants to give up but the body can keep going. Jack did great, but said he felt “noise-ious” when he came to get a drink of water. Eliza’s friends (Cindy x 2 and Zophia) over to go to birthday lunch at Ruocco’s in Fremantle. Then off for a shopping spree at Garden City, and back home for cake and afternoon tea.

Did some work on HackTile; started to implement a debug UI, and continued work on getting the camera hooked up to controller and mouse controls. Once that’s wrapped I’ll be moving on to adding extra entity states for spawning and destroying, and will then give these entities some textures and animations :)