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Very tired today. Slept little partly because I broke my own rules and stayed up far too late last night (watching The West Wing, listening to The West Wing Weekly, then listening to music, drinking whiskey, reading), and partly because I couldn’t stop coughing once I’d gone to bed.

Storm overnight. Heavy rain and strong winds. Feels like winter! Lots of shopping today for Eliza’s birthday lunch tomorrow. Wrapped her presents and made a photo collage of her last 11 birthdays, and the day she was born.

Implemented a camera system for HackTile, allowing me to pan and zoom around the playfield using the XBox controller. Pretty neat. Oh, I promised a screenshot:

Camera Experiments

Yup, it’s still only Conway’s Life. The red lines show the border between the 4k texture that represents the entire world. It’s being tiled because the camera is zoomed way, way out (until each 16x16 pixel entity occupies only a single pixel on screen). We can zoom way, way in, too, up to 128 times:

Camera Zoom

Mum and Dad over for Friday night dinner. Finlay for a sleepover. Watched Wallace and Gromit with popcorn after a stodgy meal of shepherd’s pie, potato gratin, lasagna and apple tart. Heaven.