Deep Kranzky

Kranzky's Dairy


Jack headed off to a whole-day excursion to SciTech. Eliza in early for Japanese before school begins. Me doing some shallow work in my PJs while Dzung drives them in.

Have a work meeting scheduled for late tonight, and had trouble this morning getting motivated to work my regular job (due to politics mostly, we focus on trivialities which don’t serve to push us towards our goal). So, in penance for skipping out on HackTile yesterday, I spent some time working on it during the day. Some progress made; refactored so that the engine creates and destroys entities in the game, which the game renders. Achieved 55fps with 65536 entities running Conway’s Life. A screenshot tomorrow, perhaps.

Lunch at a Hawkers place for Laksa, after watching Adam Liaw make a fantastic version of that dish on YouTube last night.

Health much the same as yesterday. Cleaned up garden. Salmon dish for dinner.